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Since I don't always have time to maintain this group as much as I would like.  I would like to welcome ~xyzzy2112 who has volunteered to help out and has been brought on as a co-founder.

After some discussion we will be changing to organizing art thematically rather than by artist (though it hasn't been decided quite yet if that should be by art style or amputation level, so feel free to provide your thoughts and suggestions for sorting).  I would like to remind contributors that you should be able to submit straight to folders, and once we get everything sorted, to please do so.  I would also like to remind you to submit only the artwork you are most proud of/like the best.  The group should be featuring your best works, not mirroring your entire gallery.  Some cleanup may take place over the next few weeks to clear things out in the case of people who have submitted excessively.

For those of you who aren't artists (and even those of you who are), if you come across some good artwork on dA, suggest it for our favorites gallery; it's looking a bit anemic at the moment.
N8Dreams Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suggest sorting by artists;
Artists run different media, different quality and different ideas.
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