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Hello again folks.
Thanks to Zipper9319, our Featured folder has been cleaned out and can now actually be used to feature the best stuff from everybody instead of being the generic unsorted folder.  I would like to again remind everyone to submit to the sorted folders to avoid this problem in the future and because it's harder to actually get a work in the featured folder due to the vote requirements (works submitted to the other folders are automatically approved for contributers and need a single vote if submitted by a member).

With the Featured gallery now clean, we can get to work actually featuring some good works.  Zipper and myself will be selecting works we think are top quality, but feel free to message any suggestions for works you think are very good.  I would also like to let you guys know there is still room for a couple more curators to help find the best works and make sure everything is sorted.  As always, though, please submit your works to the subfolders where they will be easily approved (auto-approval for contributers, 1 vote for members) rather than featured.  If it's your best work it should find its way to the featured folder on its own, and you can always poke on of us if you think it should be featured.

As always pardon our dust as we still aren't totally finished with the cleanup.  Thus far work has been done to categorize works, so many of them have not made their way to the artist galleries yet.  Again, anyone with a few dozen works in the group without a folder, please message one of us in case we miss you when adding folders.

As an aside, I've opened the group journal to contributors, so feel free to share what's on your mind with group blogs.

Thank you for your time.
tozhma Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It would be nice  to have a section for paraplegics.
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October 18, 2016


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