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Hey folks.  I have begun to cleanup and rearrange the group folders, and make some other changes.  Please bear with me while everything gets worked out.
In the mean time there's always room for more artists contributing so be on the lookout for fresh talent.  I'm also looking for a few curators to help with things, so if you have some skill with that, let me know.

For a couple years now, the gallery root folder (also known as "Featured"), has been somewhat of a dumping ground for anything and everything.  I am partially responsible for this having not set up a decent folder structure, and, more importantly, neglecting to add artist folders as new artists come on board as contributers which does make selecting the proper folder difficult.  On the other hand, though, some of you have also neglected to submit to artist galleries when they do exist.  A couple of you also have a tendency to submit pretty much everything you make.

With these problems in mind I have begun to rearrange the galleries.  First off, I have added sections for various levels of amputation as well as ones for other disabilities and for literature; if anyone has any suggestions for other categories let me know.  I will also do what I can to actually add new folders for various artists. Any artists who do not have a folder and need one (20 or more artworks since I'd like to be able to fill up at least one gallery page) please message me and I'll add a folder for you.

Additionally, I would like to remind everyone not to submit everything you've ever made (your personal gallery is for that), but only prominent works, your favorites, fans' favorites, or whatever your most proud of, etc.  I've also limited submissions to 3 per week which should be plenty for most of you but should stop anyone from submitting a dozen works at once; in the future if anyone thinks the limit is too low, let me know, and I will consider a change, but give it a couple weeks first.  There is also a slight change to submissions.  As I intend to use the Featured section to actually feature the best stuff, submissions to that folder will require a vote, so only submit your best stuff.  The rest of the folders will remain the same: contributers submitting to any other folder will automatically be approved while regular members require a single vote to be approved (I may adjust these numbers in the future, but am unsure at the moment and welcome feedback).

Finally, I could use some help rearranging things, and more importantly, some people to routinely pick the best works from the galleries to feature.  Anyone, artist or not, who thinks they can help curate the galleries, please message me.

I'm hoping to get this done reasonably quickly and want hear back from you folks on the changes.
ajr24c Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like a folder
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October 10, 2016


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